Gilman Cheese Gift Box Example

Gilman Cheese is one of the leading producers of shelf stable cheese

Gilman Cheese produces the highest quality shelf stable cheese.
Here at Gilman Cheese we produce a wide variety of cheese components for the gift pack, snack, school programs and airline industries that vary in weight from .75oz to 42lb cheese blocks. Our cutting operation allows us to shape cheese components into triangles, squares, bars, rounds and sticks. We also sell cheese sticks in bulk to customers for packaging in meat and cheese retail packages.

Our cheeses have won many awards like the one below. We have serviced many industries, and chances are if you ate some cheese and meat combos, or a smoked shelf stable cheese it probably came from our factory.

Gilman Cheese manufactures clean label, 98% natural cheese, with no oils and no fillers to ensure the vary best first time quality for our customers.

Gilman Cheese Has Won many awards at the world cheese championship
Wisconsin State Fair award
Best in Class Gilman Cheese Award

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