Why Gilman Cheese?
Clean Label, 98% Natural, Great Shelf Life

If shelf life is critical to your retail application-and a premium taste experience is critical to your brand's image and profit potential-you won't find another cheese that rivals Gilman.

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A Diverse Menu to hit
Any Taste-Bud Target

Gilman Cheese offers over 100 unique flavors in a variety of rBST Free, Easy Melt, HI-Temp and Organic cheeses. Below are some of our most popular flavors to date.



A proprietary blend of natural-aged cheddar cheeses for a one-of-a-kind taste. Always a homerun on burgers, crackers, or as a satisfactory snack by itself.

Jalapeno Pepper

Jalapeno Pepper

A mild Monterey and bold cheddar cheese blend with spicy accent. Grate it for tacos or chilli. Melts beautifully for burritos and corn chips.



A creamy fresh and mild taste derived from premium natural cheeses. The classic snack-pack staple. Or grate it for all kinds of old-world food favorites.

Wisconsin Swiss

Wisconsin Swiss

Distinctively flavorful for its balance of natural Swiss and cheddar cheeses. The perfect complement for ham-on-rye. A fantastic melt for a sauce or fondue.

Smoked Cheddar

Smoked Cheddar

Real hickory wood gives this rich cheddar cheese blend a robust smoky tone. Incredible by itself. Takes burgers into a new flavor dimension.

Cheddar Bacon

Cheddar Bacon

A downhome country blend of cheddar cheese and the finest real bacon. Perfect for melting over burgers, baked potatoes, casseroles and more.

Smoked Gouda

Smoked Gouda

A natural smoldering hickory flavor takes this creamy Gouda to a new level. The instant king of any party tray or guilty pleasure of any lonely snack sneak.

Smoked Swiss

Smoked Swiss

A smooth Swiss cheese that spends quality time in our natural hickory smokehouses. Sliced or melted, takes sandwiches, cordon blues and more to new places.



A softer, milder Italian cheese known for its unique blend of sweet and nutty flavors. Snacks like no other and grates exceptionally well for breads, salads, you name it.

Buffalo Wing Cheddar

Buffalo Wing Cheddar

A special mix of peppers gives this popular cheddar an added Buffalo- sauce kick. Cubes nicely for party platters and yields an outstanding melt on burgers and more.

Ranch Cheddar

Ranch Cheddar

A delectable white-cheddar blend with a zesty-ranch bite that gets your attention. Enjoyable as a unique snack or melts nicely over nachos and other party favorites.

Vintage Yellow Cheddar

Vintage Yellow Cheddar

A sharper taste with the classic color that, together, define a true ‘vintage’ cheddar. Stands out among cheese assortments or on sandwiches, baked potatoes and more.

Other Cheese Flavors Gilman Cheese Offers

Everyday Favorites

Cheddar Bacon Black Pepper
Cheddar Bacon
Cheddar Bacon Jalapeno
Buffalo Wing Cheddar
Colored Cheddar
Chipotle Colored
Chipotle Onion
Ghost Pepper
Habanero and Jalapeno
Habanero & Jalapeno Colored Cheddar
Habanero Colored Cheddar
Jalapeno Colored Cheddar
Jalapeno (Extra Hot)
Jalapeno Gouda
Parti Havarti
Smokey Bacon
Smokey Bacon Gouda
Smokey Cheddar
Smokey Gouda
Swiss Caraway
Tomato Basil
Ultra Sharp Colored Cheddar
Ultra Sharp White Cheddar
Vegetable White Cheddar

High Temp Cheese Flavors

Hi Temp American Colored Cheddar
Hi Temp American White Cheddar
Hi Temp Cheddar
Hi Temp White Cheddar
Hi Temp Gouda
Hi Temp Jalapeno
Hi Temp Mozzarella
Hi Temp Smokey Cheddar
Hi Temp Smokey Cheddar
Hi Temp Swiss
Hi Temp Swiss Preservative Free

Easy Melt Cheese Flavors

Easy Melt Colored Cheddar
Easy Melt White Cheddar
Easy Melt Bruschetta
Easy Melt Gruyere
Easy Melt Jalapeno

rBST Free Cheese Flavors

rBST Free Easy Melt Colored Cheddar
rBST Free Easy Melt Colored Cheddar
rBST Free Low Moisture White
rBST Free Gruyere
rBST Free Low Moisture Colored Cheddar
rBST Free Pizella

Organic Cheese Flavors

Organic Colored American
Organic Smoked Gouda
Organic White Disodium
Organic White Sodium Citrate
Organic White Ultra Sharp

Low Moisture Cheese Flavors

Low Moisture Colored American
Low Moisture Colored Sharp
Low Moisture Col Smk Flavor
Low Moisture Onion Sharp
Low Moisture Smokey Bourbon
Low Moisture White American
Low Moisture White Sharp

Shelf Stable Cheese Flavors

Shelf Stable Asiago
Shelf Stable Bacon Cheddar
Shelf Stable Cheddar Bacon Jalapeno
Shelf Stable Bruschetta
Shelf Stable Cheddar Buffalo Wing
Shelf Stable Cheddar Bacon
Shelf Stable Cheddar Bacon Habanero
Shelf Stable Cheddar Chipotle
Shelf Stable Cheddar Habanero
Shelf Stable Cheddar Jalapeno
Shelf Stable Cheddar Onion Gar
Shelf Stable Cheddar Salami
Shelf Stable Cheddar Tomato Basil
Shelf Stable Cheddar Vegetable
Shelf Stable Cheddar
Shelf Stable Chipotle
Shelf Stable Col. Smk. Flav.
Shelf Stable Cranberry Cheddar
Shelf Stable Easy Melt Cheddar
Shelf Stable Easy Melt Mozzarella
Shelf Stable Garlic
Shelf Stable Gouda
Shelf Stable Habanero
Shelf Stable Horseradish
Shelf Stable Jalapeno Pepperoni
Shelf Stable Jalapeno with Smoke flavoring
Shelf Stable Jalapeno Extra hot
Shelf Stable Jalapeno
Shelf Stable Mission Jack
Shelf Stable Mozzarella
Shelf Stable Onion
Shelf Stable Onion-Garlic
Shelf Stable Provolone
Shelf Stable Roasted Garlic
Shelf Stable Salami
Shelf Stable Smokey Bacon Cheddar
Shelf Stable Smokey Gouda
Shelf Stable Stick Bacon
Shelf Stable Stick Mozzarella
Shelf Stable Stick Pepper
Shelf Stable Stick Pepper Colored Cheddar
Shelf Stable Stick Swiss
Shelf Stable Swiss
Shelf Stable Tomato Basil
Shelf Stable Ultra Sharp
Shelf Stable Vegetable
Shelf Stable White Cheddar
Shelf Stable Wisconsin Cheddar
Shelf Stable Wisconsin Jalapeno
Shelf Stable Wisconsin Onion
Shelf Stable Wisconsin Smokey Gouda

A Size for Every Market
Anything from 0.75oz sticks to 42lb blocks


Shape Size Range
Planks .75oz, 1oz and 2oz
Bulk Sticks .35oz, .4oz, .5oz, .6oz and .75oz
Bars 1.7oz, 4oz, 6oz and 8oz
Triangles 2oz and 4oz
Rounds 4oz, 6oz and 8oz
Squares 3oz, 6oz, 8oz and 2lb
Loaves 2.5lb and 5lb
Blocks 23lb and 42lb (Call for custom)

Call for more information: +1 (715) 447-8241


Cheese Planks

Capitalize on the growing trend for healthier snack and gift-pack indulgence with these single-serve cheeses that combine an unprecedented combination of clean-label purity, natural-cheese authenticity and extended shelf stability.

Individually Wrapped Cheese

Bulk Sticks

Cheese Bulk Sticks

Add a premium cheese component to your shelf-stable snack packs and other multi-item food packs and meal kits. Order from a wide array of sizes and flavors—or inquire about a custom product—always precut, packaged and shipped to meet your assembly-line requirements.

Bulk Cheese Sticks


Cheese Bars

Available in a range of sizes and flavors, these cheese bars are a flavorful fit for an equally wide range of applications—whether part of a versatile cheese sampler, a recipe that demands a more functional cheese, or a spontaneous snack moment.


Cheese Triangles

Enhance the appeal and authenticity of your shelf-stable, retail cheese offerings with a premium quality, clean-label cheese available in a variety of unique shapes and flavors. Or, leverage the margin power of brand exclusivity, and ask about developing a custom shape!


Cheese Rounds

Enhance the appeal and authenticity of your shelf-stable, retail cheese offerings with a premium quality, clean-label cheese available in a variety of unique shapes and flavors. Or, leverage the margin power of brand exclusivity, and ask about developing a custom shape!


Cheese Bricks

Give your cheese-loving customers more of what they crave with these larger volume-sized cheese bricks that can deliver multiple servings in all kinds of uses. Flavor options are limitless, and you can specify for either a shelf-stable or refrigerated application. Either way, you’ll always get the taste and texture authenticity, and clean-label purity unique to Gilman.


Cheese Squares

Enhance the appeal and authenticity of your shelf-stable, retail cheese offerings with a premium quality, clean-label cheese available in a variety of unique shapes and flavors. Or, leverage the margin power of brand exclusivity, and ask about developing a custom shape!


Cheese Loaves

Stock your retail deli or sandwich-prep shop with a fine selection of under-glass options that uniquely combine the taste and texture qualities of natural cheese with a functional versatility ideal for slicing, melting or shredding. If you or your customers like a diverse menu, this is your true premium cheese choice.

Deli Loafs


Cheese Blocks

Enhance your best-selling recipes or explore the most innovative new menu ideas with these block cheeses that offer incredibly diverse functionality and flavor possibilities. Every one of them is made with 98% natural cheese, along with other natural ingredients, to meet the clean-label preferences of your most demanding customers.

We accommodate any way we can!
Smoking, Cut-Wrap and more!

Private Labeling:

Gilman Cheese offers private labeling options for all our cheeses.

Smoked Cheese:

Gilman Cheese uses all natural hickory wood chips to give our cheese a great smoky taste that everyone loves.

Learn More about our Smoked Cheese options

Cut and Wrap:

Gilman Cheese offers cut and wrap services for all natural cheeses. These options combined with our smoking and private labeling will create a product that is hard for your competitors to match.

A product for every market
Schools, Outdoors, Grocery, Restaurants and more!

Gilman Cheese works with Retailers


  • Planks
  • Bars
  • Bricks
  • Deli Loaves

Stand out from the rest with our quality, clean label cheese and flavor variety. Cheese that is sure to stand out on the shelves.

Gilman Cheese works with Distribution


  • Planks
  • Bars
  • Triangles
  • Rounds
  • Bricks
  • Deli Loaves
  • Blocks
  • Sticks

A reliable cheese option that is sure to stock the shelves. A shelf stable, clean label cheese with the dependable quality that customers ask for.

Gilman Cheese works with Vendors


  • Planks
  • Bars
  • Triangles

Providing clean label, better for you cheese in easy single serve packaging. A superior alternative to your standard cheese snack, offering shelf stability, on the go packaging and a clean label.

Gilman Cheese works with Schools


  • Planks
  • Deli Loaves

Shelf stable, clean label cheese that kids across the nation can’t get enough of. With a 1:1 CN Credit this is your superior option for a meat alternative for school meals and programs.

Gilman Cheese is great for gift boxes


  • Planks
  • Bars
  • Triangles
  • Rounds
  • Bricks

With over 100 cheese combinations of flavors, sizes and shapes, we are guaranteed to help you stand out on the shelves. Shelf stability, delicious flavors, and size variety all wrapped up in one package.

Gilman Cheese is great for MREs and corrections


  • Planks
  • Bars
  • Bricks

Dependable, shelf stable cheese options able to service any program.

Gilman Cheese is great for MREs and corrections

Food Service

  • Bricks
  • Deli Loaves

Delicious cheese that is sure to service any and every food application. The traditional cheese you love with the capability options you haven’t had before.

Gilman Cheese is great for MREs and corrections


  • Planks
  • Bars

Delicious cheese snack that is high in protein to keep energy levels up. Single serve packaging combined with shelf stability allows this cheese to go anywhere you can. Engineered For Adventure