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How to place an order for cheese?

Gilman Cheese is excited to partner with other businesses to produce great products that are healthy and great tasting that your customers will come back for time and time again.

We start with a discovery call to better understand your business needs. After the call, a sample request will be sent out or it can be downloaded from our website. Please send the completed sample request back to Our QA department will fill the request. Gilman Cheese is a made-to-order factory so samples being sent out are representations of shapes and flavors.

Once the samples are received and terms are agreed on, we will submit the project through our new items process. After the process is complete, purchase orders can be submitted. The order will go through our material planning process and then get scheduled. Once scheduled our customer service team will reach out with production dates to set up transportation.

If your business needs and our capacity allow, we can produce a small pre-production run. The size of this pre-production run will be around 700lbs.

Call us: (715) 447-8241
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