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Does cheese need to be refrigerated?

A good way to fine if the cheese needs to be refrigerated would be to look to the front label. If it states refrigerate after opening then it is considered shelf stable, the other wording you may see keep refrigerated, this indicates that it is a refrigerated product.

See below for our shelf stable storage recommendations

  • SHELF LIFE: Provided the cheese remains hermetically sealed and stored below 72° F, shelf life is 12 months (6 months for gas flushed product).
  • SHELF STABILITY NOTICE: Shelf stable cheese can be displayed at point of sale without refrigeration in normal store temperatures. Avoid displaying in direct path of heat outlets, in direct sunlight, or near other heat sources. During distribution and storage, we recommend cooler temperatures (35°F – 40°F) for the best flavor retention and shelf life.
  • SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: Shipping of shelf stable cheese requires refrigeration at temperatures between 35°F – 41°F.
  • DO NOT FREEZE: Freezing shelf stable cheese will adversely affect the quality of the cheese. Specifically, freezing this cheese will result in a soft, gummy body.

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