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Cheese Sticks White Cheddar

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Cheese Sticks

Add a premium cheese component to your shelf-stable snack packs and other multi-item food packs and meal kits. Order from a wide array of sizes and flavors—or inquire about a custom product—always precut, packaged and shipped to meet your assembly-line requirements.

Gilman Cheese is everything you love about natural, done better.

Minimum order quantity 2100lbs
Average Lead Time 4 - 5 weeks
Private Labeling Available No
Shelf Stable option? Yes
Refrigerated option? No
Shelf Life 6 months but if repacked into vacume seal extends shelf life to 12 months
Sizes .35oz, .4oz, .5oz, .6oz and .75oz
Packaging Options Gas Flushed Bulk Pack

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