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Our Flavors

Gilman Cheese has a wide array of flavor options. Our most popular flavors are Cheddar, Jalapeno, Onion, Smoked Cheddar and Smoked Swiss. Click on the tabs below to discover flavors for our cheese varieties.

Shelf Stable Cheese
Gilman Cheese produces a wide variety of cheese components for the gift pack, snack, school programs and airline industries that vary in weight from .5 ounces to 12 ounces. Our cutting operation allows us to shape cheese components into triangles, squares, bars, rounds and sticks. We also sell cheese sticks in bulk to customers for packaging in meat and cheese retail packages.
Smoked Cheeses
Smoked Cheese is a fast-growing segment of our business. Our hickory smoke flavor and diamond-pattern smoke grids give our cheese a superior look and taste. Depending on customer wishes, Gilman Cheese can smoke individual pieces or smoke larger bars and tubes that can be sliced and packaged after the smoke operation.
5-LB Deli Loaves
5-lb Deli Loaves was our first product line when we began production many years ago. A walk through your grocery deli aisle will prove that it is still popular!
Fat Free and Reduced Fat Cheese Products
Our fat free line of cheese products provides an option for those health conscience individuals that still want a great tasting product. Fat reduced cheese products are a terrific option for those who want to reduce their fat intake without compromising the flavor and texture of our standard products.
Organic, RBST Free and Kosher Cheese
For those individual preferences, we provide the same great taste in our Organic, RBST Free and Kosher lines of processed cheese.