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Gilman Cheese desires to be the leading manufacturer of Processed Cheese.

Gilman Cheese Corporation has been deep rooted in Gilman, Wisconsin since 1948. Tom Hand arrived in 1994 with the intention of learning the processed cheese business and then purchasing the company. Tom had experience in the Army and at Proctor and Gamble, but had never seen a cheese factory before arriving in Gilman. After many trials and tribulations, Tom finally purchased the company in January of 2000.

Since Tom's arrival, the factory has grown to over 50,000 square feet, 140 plus employees and includes an extensive packaging and cheese smoking operation. Our name was changed to Gilman Cheese Corporation in 2010 and we specialize in premium quality, shelf stable processed cheese for the gift pack, retail and airline industry as well as smoked cheese, both natural and processed. We utilize two batch cookers that allow us to manufacture up to 1,400 pounds of cheese every few minutes. These relatively small, rapidly produced batches allow us to be very flexible in meeting the varied needs of our customers. In fact, on a typical day, Gilman Cheese will produce 120,000 pounds of processed cheese in 15 – 20 different flavors. These flavors can range from fat-free and reduced fat processed cheese products to flavored shelf stable cheese for the gift pack and airline industry to high quality slicing cheese for the deli case.

Gilman Cheese is a company which relies on superb product quality and customer satisfaction to move our business forward. Our company strongly believes that over the long haul, quality always sells best. Gilman Cheese invites you to try our cheeses and join our family of customers.

Our Employees

Gilman Cheese employs over 140 employees who help us produce premium processed cheese. Careers at Gilman Cheese range from production workers, clerical workers and maintenance staff to supervisors and managers. If you think you would like to be a part of our team, contact us!

Our Village

Gilman Cheese is proud to be located in Gilman, Wisconsin on the western edge of Taylor County. Gilman Cheese is the largest employer in the Village of Gilman and we are honored to help sponsor local events such as Gilman's June Dairy Days and provide scholarships for Gilman's high school students.

We believe we are responsible to our customers and suppliers, and all others who help us create our cheese products.
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