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Smoked Cheeses

Smoked Cheese is a fast-growing segment of our business. Our hickory smoke flavor and diamond-pattern smoke grids give our cheese a superior look and taste. Depending on customer wishes, Gilman Cheese can smoke individual pieces or smoke larger bars and tubes that can be sliced and packaged after the smoke operation. Our most popular flavors are listed in this section but any flavor can be smoked.

Smoked Cheese Flavors

  • Smoked Bacon

    Is our blend of natural Cheddar cheese and the finest bacon smoked to perfection using our natural hickory smoke.
  • Smoked Cheddar

    Has the taste of Cheddar cheese blended with the flavor of real hickory smoke. Smoked to perfection in Gilman's very own smoke houses, it's our most popular smoked flavor. It's perfect for burgers or by itself.
  • Smoked Gouda

    Is our fastest growing smoked cheese. The taste of Gouda cheese blended with the flavor of real hickory smoke – it's delicious!
  • Smoked Jalapeno

    Is our zesty blend of natural Monterey Pepper Jack and Cheddar cheese with the flavor of natural hickory smoke.
  • Smoked Swiss

    Is our great tasting Swiss cheese and the flavor of hickory smoke from our very own smoke houses. Enjoy this gourmet cheese.
  • Smoked Natural Cheese

    You can always start with your favorite natural cheese and have us hickory smoke it to perfection.

Smoked Cheese Packaging Options

  • Tiromatt Packaging for Cheese


    Tiromatt packaging is our customer favorite because of the wide array of shape and size options and low cost. Tiromatt packaging provides an attractive, uniform sealed edge around the piece of cheese. Tiromatt packaging is a terrific option because of the printed film and label options that are available.
  • Cryovac Packaging for Cheese


    Cryovac packaging is desirable in some gift and retail components because of the clean package appearance with a seam on only one side. This more expensive packaging option does not allow for printed film, but the hand-applied label options are endless!

Smoked Cheese Sizes and Shapes

Some of our most popular smoked cheeses are bars ranging in size from 4-oz to 2.25 lb, 4-oz and 6-oz rounds and 5-lb loaves. Contact us for other possibilities!

Smoked Cheese Care Instructions

  • SHELF LIFE OF PROCESSED SMOKED CHEESE: Twelve months; provided the cheese remains hermetically sealed and stored below 72 degrees F.
  • SHELF STABILITY NOTICE: Processed Smoked Cheese can be displayed at point of sale without refrigeration in normal store temperatures. Avoid displaying in direct path of heat outlets, in direct sunlight, or near other heat sources. During distribution and storage, we recommend cooler temperatures (35 – 40 degrees F) for the best flavor retention and shelf life.
  • SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: We require shipping processed smoked cheese under refrigeration at temperatures between 35 – 50 degrees F.
  • DO NOT FREEZE: Freezing smoked cheese will adversely affect the quality of the cheese. Specifically, freezing this cheese will result in a soft, gummy body.
  • REMEMBER, if it is Natural Cheese, it must stay refrigerated!